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What does your English language website say about your firm?

Does it convey the ethos of the firm and the services you offer? Would translating your legal website and that ethos into one or a number of languages help both you and your clients?

Why you should translate your Legal website

A professionally translated website could increase your profits

Businesses and law firms with accurate multilingual web sites, that have been professionally translated, report significant increases in client rosters and increased profits.

Doing business in different languages is now a fact of life

When you are doing business in other countries, or serving clients here who have a first language other than English, it helps greatly to have a professionally translated website.

Our legal team have vast experience in translating legal documents

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We have also been at the forefront of encouraging firms of solicitors to use foreign language expertise to acquire new clients.

Reach a larger audience

Having a Web site or Web page in a language other than English is a great way to present your legal services to a larger audience of potential clients.

4 ways we can help

1. Content

Does the content of the site market the firm and its services to the target language audience? This can include not only firm, practice and solicitor descriptions, but also newsletters, articles, news sites, and blogs.

2. Relevance

Are the topics of interest to the target audience?
Is the content relevant to the target audience?
Is the material up to date?

3. Correct usage

Does the content use proper phrasing and does it read smoothly for a native speaker? Is the content grammatically correct? Are words spelled correctly with proper accent marks and punctuation for the foreign language?

4. Website factors

Does the English website display links to foreign language sections or websites prominently and in all appropriate places? Is the foreign language content easy to navigate? Is the website well designed and attractive as viewed by the foreign audience? Law firms lacking foreign language content are losing business opportunities.

Using a translation service that has experience in legal translations, and understands legal terminology is a must if you want to publish an accurately translated website or web page.

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