Legal Aid

We provide high quality and cost effective legal aid translation

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We have vast experience of providing a cost effective legal aid translation service that is:

From local authorities, to firms of solicitors - Legal Aid work often includes a number of special things that need to be taken into account


The need for an affordable price to allow for Legal Aid


The specific experience of the translators involved for a vast range of circumstances

Number of firms involved

The number of Legal firms and others involved in the case can be many – often 4, 5 or more

Quality, continuity and style

Throughout all the legal documents for the case

Completion time scales for court appearances

All parties need time to see and understand the documents

Lengthy payment completion time and more...

We can provide split invoicing between parties

Our experience helps you handle the complexity

We can help with any questions or issues you may have with your legal document translation or your general translation service requirements.

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