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Chinese Translation

Unlike many of our competitors we have in-house Chinese Translation Services

English to Chinese translation can open a massive market for your product or service

The Chinese economy is growing and the opportunities are boundless.

Together with our continued 24/7 availability to all of our clients, you will find that our service will take away all of the worries that can be involved in getting your translation done on time and on budget.

The team are all very well qualified and include native Chinese speakers and native English speakers who both work on your Chinese translation projects.

We offer many forms of Chinese language translation including Simplified Chinese translation, Traditional Chinese translation and even Japanese to Chinese translation. This means that you have one contact point for any of the Chinese translation services you may require.

Despite a recent decline in total trade, China remains the leading world exporter, with exports of $1.2 trillion, China is the world’s second largest goods importer.

There are now 333 million internet users in China – more than the entire population of the USA.

China holds more than $1 trillion in US Treasury bonds.

China‘s annual car sales surpass US car sales.

Chinese translation has become more and more important over the past few  years and we see that trend continuing.

If you need free translation advice for your Chinese Translation project then email us below, visit our contact page or call us on Skype.

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