Our Translation Services

Finding Fast, Reliable and Cost Effective translation services can be a time consuming and costly business in many ways.

How would you like to have one person, who is responsible for your project, available to you at all times and someone who will give you an immediate answer to any translation problem you may have? You may think that unrealistic but we make it work. Every time. You have one name, one Skype address, one email address, one mobile number and one landline number that puts you directly in touch with your contact. (Ask to take a look at some of the recent testimonials.) Would that all make your translation requirements easier? Our clients say it does. At WordQuarry.com we concentrate on our core operation which is that of translation to English and translation from English for specific languages.

English to Chinese translation plays a large part, as do other Asia languages such as Korean and Japanese. As mentioned on our homepage, the translation of a number of Indian languages also plays a significant part and is growing considerably. We expect that to continue over the next few years.

In terms of European languages, our main ones are of course French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Italian. However we also specialise in Danish, Swedish and Finnish.


Our standard quotation always includes for translation, editing and proofreading, however we are happy to quote for individual levels of service as required.


When you have a document that you know has relevance but you just need to know the content in general terms but not in detail and a full translation may be too time consuming and costly, then a “summary translation” is what you may need. This is a quick translation that provides you with a broad overview of the document and its content and gives you a concise summary of the document.


We also offer email translations. This can be very useful when communicating about a specific contract or subject. Alternatively, you can use the service on an monthly basis.

Payment can be on an email by email basis or a “block” of words can be bought at a price per word and each individual email translation taken from that block on a draw down basis. Once the block of words is used, then a new block can be purchased.

(Attachments are not translated unless specifically requested.)